As the world wide community grows, we at Beta are working harder every day to bring our products to the forefront of regional construction. Beta Holdings is extremely proud and delighted to bring you world class, key infrastructural inputs for the construction industry in Zambia.

Innovation and technology never stand still and in that respect, we at BETA Holdings also constantly ensure that we are always in step with latest international trends in the industry; thereby enabling us to deliver unparalleled and inimitable quality products to the Zambian community.  Furthermore, the creation of employment means a direct and positive contribution to the Zambian economy.

Our promise of quality, excellence, longevity, community and integrity will forever remain our foundation and key principles as we grow together each day getting Beta and Beta!

As the Zambian construction industry continues to expand Beta Holdings will be a integral part of this expansion as we help Zambian communities to build their own legacies. We intend to take the same level of productivity and customer service throughout our offices.

For customers in Zambia, BETA products are available from:

BETA Bricks (Zambia) Pvt Ltd
Plot 8149, Mwembeshi Road Industrial Area,
Lusaka, Zambia
Cell: +260 976 973 562/ 977 880 331


Effective From 1 March 2018

Product Description Price Per Unit
Tiles K 13.50
Ridges K 33.00
Hip Starters K 40.00
Common K 4.05
L/Bearing K 4.72
Pavers K 4.72
Klinker K 5.00
Rustic Blue K 7.50
Rustic Plum K 7.50
Rustic Light K 5.00
Rustic Dark K 5.00
Wire Brush Blue K 7.50
Wire Brush Plum K 7.50
Wire Brush Light K 5.00
Industrial Dark K 5.00
Industrial Light K 5.00
Industrial Blue K 7.50
Window Sill Orange K 5.00
Window Sill Brown K 6.00
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