SHEQ Policy

Sheq Policy

A Beta Environment

The Beta Environmental Education Program (BEEP) was developed to create a framework for reducing the environmental impact that our operations have on the surrounding environment.

As a company we are continually aiming to develop an environmental policy that is linked to our organisational goals. We have partnered with the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) of Zimbabwe to evaluate our activities, the associated environmental impacts and how to redress them.

Our hope is to help offset some of our carbon footprint from production and transportation.

To date BEEP has instituted the following initiatives:
Tree Planting

In order to get the soil that is used in the production of clay bricks we are required to dig soil pits. We have embarked on an extensive rehabilitation and reclamation programme by planting indigenous trees on these unused soil pits.
Fish Farming

Unused pits have started being utilised for a local fish-farming program. The unused pits are filled with underground water and we will be breeding Bream and Bass. Locals in the area will have the opportunity to fish in these ponds and this will help create a local income to sustain their livelihood.

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