KCB was established in 1973 as Zamclay. KCB is a private company duly incorporated and registered under the laws of Zambia. KCB focuses on the production of face bricks, clay tiles and clay pavers. The company operates a plant in Kalulushi town in the Copperbelt province of  Zambia and is the largest producer and supplier of clay bricks in Zambia. KCB has offices in Lusaka and Kalulushi town and services the construction market in Zambia and exports product into the DRC – Lubumbashi region.


KCB has a subsidiary; Kalulushi Properties Limited(KPL) which owns the land on which the brick manufacturing plant is located. KPL has mining rights and a license for small scale mining in Kalulushi to aid the brick manufacturing plant in extracting different types of clay for its production processes.


KCB uses German brick making technology and has clay mineral rights in Kalulushi in the Copperbelt province of Zambia. The company makes use of renewable fuel in the form of saw-dust (pine and charcoal), allowing it to be a carbon-neutral operation, reducing at least 30,000 tons of carbon every year compared to an ordinary clay brick plant.


KCB is compliant with the environmental requirements in Zambia with an approved Environmental Project Brief from the Zambia Environmental Agency (ZEMA).

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